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Who is Sneko?
Sneko is an 18 year old JPop/JRock cover artist. A New York City native, she entertains audiences in the area with dances from Vocaloid, anime, and video games. She got her start on YouTube at age 12 doing covers of her favorite songs. At age 15, she made her live debut singing at anime conventions and other geek-oriented events.

She caters to the geek community at both conventions and other like events. fans get to not only experience the wonders of hearing their favorite anime songs sung live paired up with original choreography, and refreshing theatrical performances but can take part in this experience in a friendly and intimate setting. One of Sneko's strengths is her ability to woo crowds as small as 5 and as large as 500 with her silly personality and crowd involvement.

As a singer, she is best known for a sultry, mature, and powerful voice, uncharacteristic of her sweet appearance, small stature, and young age.

When's she's not on stage running around singing, she's usually found in her room sleeping. Snekos need at least 15 hours of sleep!